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The bamix blender SWEET SIMPLY M200 extends the range of themed blenders with SIMPLY HEALTHY edition. Color of the blender itself is a popular red color. It also includes a colorful cookbook with 9 healthy recipes and a food processor SliceSy of black color. With this set, you will get a great helper on your way to your healthy self.

What clearly distinguishes the bamix from "ordinary" blenders is its timeless and elegant design (since 1954), sustainability and repairability (long-term lifespan), continuous running time (up to 5 minutes), perfect motor mounting (absence of vibration), unrivalled speed (up to 22,000 rpm), constant power output (regardless of the quantity of raw materials), precisely manufactured (certified Swiss quality), stress-tested metal components (minimal failure rate), long.-term proven technology (almost 70 years on the market), an absolute motor warranty (lifetime), and last but not least super easy cleaning.
Thanks to its unsurpassed properties, the bamix is sought after not only by world-renowned culinary celebrities and professional chefs, but increasingly also by housewives. And why not, working in a kitchen is supposed to be a pleasure and joy, not a hardwork and chore. Whatever you need to do in the kitchen to prepare your dishes, bamix will do it for you. It cuts, grinds, slices, beats, gratings, slices, mixes, minces, whisks, whips... The only thing he can't do is spread butter on bread.

Use of Accessories

Multipurpose blade - for chopping and mixing raw and cooked vegetables, ice or frozen foods. You will appreciate it especially when preparing soups, sauces, purees, sorbets, ice cream, cocktails or baby food. You can use it directly in the pot to save a lot of time.

Whisk blade - to prepare fresh mayonnaise, dips, dressings, thick sauces, porridge, creams and various types of dough. Its special texture makes the dishes fluffy and delicate.

Beater blade - softens, lightens and aerated sauces, soups, drinks and dough. Suitable for preparing snow from egg whites, whipped cream, shodo, chocolate mousse, puddings, frappé, soufflé or milkshakes.

Processor - lightly grinds all kinds of foods such as dried fruit, hard cheese, chocolate, sugar for powdered sugar, spices such as cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg or chilli. Also dried mushrooms, all kinds of nuts, peanuts for peanut butter, cereals, coffee beans, all kinds of fresh and dried herbs, boiled eggs, breadcrumb and many more.

SliceSy - all-in-one food processor - cuts, chops, grates and slices. It comes with five attachments (fine, medium and thick strips, thin and thick slices) and one chopping knife. With its help, you can grate chocolate, chop vegetables, lean meat, hard cheese or onions to a size that you will feel is perfect for you.


  • simple storage with minimum space requirements
  • quiet and powerful thanks to a top-tier motor
  • easy and seamless cleaning
  • multifunctional thanks to multiple attachements
  • possibility of adding additional accessories
  • blender open head design for optimal raw material circulation
  • safety two-speed switch with impulse contacts
  • completely made in Switzerland
  • motor lifetime warranty


Power 200 W
Speed 1 12.000 RPM
Speed 2 17.000 RPM
Blender length 34 cm
Transmission length 14 cm
Max immersion 20 cm
Cable length 190 cm
Weight 940 g


Set contents
M200 hand blender, red (spiral cable, black)
DELUXE blender stand, black
SliceSy food processor, black (5 attachements)
200 ml processor, black (no powderdisc)
multipurpose blade
whisk blade
beater blade
multilingual cookbook (English, German, French, Italian)

Accessories -

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