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bamix is the smallest yet most efficient and versatile kitchen appliance in the world. Thanks to the various bamix accessories, the appliance is the ideal helper for a huge range of tasks. It can be used to chop, mince, purée, emulsify, mix, blend, froth, grind, pulverise, grate and whip food. At the same time, the bamix is extremely easy to operate and clean. With only two accessories, namely the SliceSy and the processor, your bamix becomes the master of all tasks in your kitchen. Small and compact.

bamix 100% Swiss quality
For the manufacturers of the bamix, sustainability is not just a slogan but part of the idea behind the product. For the last 60 years, the company has worked hard to protect resources, for instance by making sure that even a bamix that is thirty years old can still be repaired. At the factory in Mettlen, the appliances are screwed together rather than glued and welded, so that they can be opened at any time for a thorough inspection and repair. As it is made from top-quality materials, your bamix is however unlikely to ever break down. The extremely powerful motor is made to last, and makes very little noise. The timeless design of the appliance is based entirely on functionality and good ergonomics. For more than 12 million users, the bamix has become an indispensable kitchen appliance.

Lifetime Motor Guarantee
In April 2020, bamix introduced the outstanding LIFETIME GUARANTEE for the bamix® motor - for bamix is a 100% Swiss product of outstanding quality.

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