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Soda chargers iSi 8.4 g CO2, 10 pcs (disposable)

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Soda chargers iSi 8.4 g CO2, 10 pcs (disposable) - main view
Soda chargers iSi 8.4 g CO2, 10 pcs (disposable) - main viewSoda chargers iSi 8.4 g CO2, 10 pcs (disposable) - front viewSoda chargers iSi 8.4 g CO2, 10 pcs (disposable) - rear viewSoda chargers iSi 8.4 g CO2, 10 pcs (disposable) - opened boxSoda chargers iSi 8.4 g CO2, 10 pcs (disposable) - solo charger
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iSi siphon chargers (10 pcs) will allow you to make up to 1 l of delicious strong sparkling water. They are designed for all compatible siphon bottles (iSi, Kayser, Liss, Mosa, etc.).

iSi Soda charger contains 8.4 g of pure CO2. Each charger is individually electronically weighed before packaging to ensure consistent results. 5 years content amount warranty - exact date is printed on each package. Past this date manufacturer does not guarantee initial gas amount but charger remains usable. One iSi soda charger is designed to saturate a maximum of 1 litre of water or other beverage. Please do not confuse CO2 for N2O chargers for whipped cream. Made in Austria.

Comprared to casual chargers, each capsule is having extra 1 g of gas that grants you even more sparkling drink! It is a universal system of disposable soda chargers. The chargers are not intended for refilling and are threadless. Before filling, they are cleaned with a patented method for removing trace parts of carbon and other impurities. Filled with pure carbon dioxide (CO2) intended for food use. Made of 100% recyclable steel.

color golden
gas CO2 (E290)
content 8.4 g
quantity 10 pcs


Do not expose to direct sunlight, fire or temperatures exceeding 50 °C. Do not throw away unused charger or do not force open them, an explosion may occur. Misuse endangers health! Keep away from children.

Comments to Soda chargers iSi 8.4 g CO2, 10 pcs (disposable)

25.8.2020 12:08

Prosím info, kedy budú bombičky na sklade,

31.8.2020 15:49
Bedřich Černý | Šlehá

Dobrý den, sifonové bombičky bychom měli naskladnit v první polovině září.

13.4.2022 16:32

Prosím jakou má bombička isi 8,4g délku.Děkuji.

13.4.2022 16:58
Bedřich Černý | Šlehá

Dobrý den, jedná se o 8 g standard (65 x 18 mm), takže pokud jí chcete použít do nějakého zařízení na 8 g CO2 bezzávitové bombičky (obvykle sifonové láhve a výrobníky sodovky), tak bude rozměr totožný.

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