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Soda chargers Kayser 7.5 g CO2, 25 pcs

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Sifonové bombičky Kayser 7.5 g CO2, 25 ks (na jedno použití)
Soda chargers Kayser 7.5 g CO2, 25 pcs Soda chargers Kayser 7.5 g CO2, 25 pcs Soda chargers Kayser 7.5 g CO2, 25 pcs Soda chargers Kayser 7.5 g CO2, 25 pcs Soda chargers Kayser 7.5 g CO2, 25 pcs
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Country of origin: Czech republic
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Kayser siphon chargers (25 pcs) will allow you to make up to 1 l of delicious strong sparkling water. They are designed for all compatible siphon bottles (iSi, Kayser, Liss, Mosa, etc.).

Kayser Soda charger contains 7.5 g of pure CO2. Each charger is individually electronically weighed before packaging to ensure consistent results. 5 years content amount warranty - exact date is printed on each package. Past this date manufacturer does not guarantee initial gas amount but charger remains usable. One Kayser soda charger is designed to saturate a maximum of 1 litre of water or other beverage. Made in Czech republic.

It is a universal system of disposable soda chargers. The chargers are not intended for refilling and are threadless. Filled with pure carbon dioxide (CO2) intended for food use. Please do not confuse CO2 for N2O chargers for whipped cream. Made of 100% recyclable steel.

color golden
gas CO2 (E290)
content 7.5 g
quantity 25 pcs


Do not expose to direct sunlight, fire or temperatures exceeding 50 °C. Do not throw away unused charger or do not force open them, an explosion may occur. Misuse endangers health! Keep away from children.

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