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Nitro Cold Brew iSi BAR KIT

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Nitro Cold Brew iSi BAR KIT - package content
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The set of the special iSi NITRO WHIP pressure bottle and accessories is designed for the preparation of trendy cold brew drinks (coffee, tea, cocktails, etc.). Combined with the disposable nitro chargers filled with pure N2 nitrogen you give the prepared drinks a naturally creamy texture with velvet foam.

NITRO BAR KIT is a starter pack not only for professional baristas. It contains exactly what you need to prepare a proper serving of nitro coffee. Everything is neatly packaged in a nice box, so if you want to give this set as gift to someone, just tie a bow or put it in a gift bag. In the package you will find:

  • iSi NITRO WHIP pressure bottle for preparing delicious cold brew drinks
  • COLD BREW Monin concentrate skips the lengthy coffee maceration
  • iSi Nitro chargers ensure a perfect avalanche effect

Pressure bottle iSi NITRO WHIP 1.0 l

The iSi NITRO WHIP special pressure bottle is designed for preparation of trendy cold brew drinks (coffee, tea, cocktails, etc.). Give the prepared drinks an incredibly creamy texture with velvet foam crown through the processing with nitro chargers filled with pure N2 nitrogen. Not only you, but especially your guests or customers will be charmed by the fascinating optical cascading effect created during the serving of the drink.

The head of the bottle is fitted with a brown silicone anti-slip rim for easy and safe use. The all-stainless steel design makes the whole pressure bottle dishwasher safe (except charger holder). NITRO WHIP is intended primarily for professional use in cafes and restaurants.

Create new, inspiring drinks with little effort! You’ll be convinced by the cold brew coffee, charged with nitrogen, available in a fantastic range of flavors: whether nitro coffee, tea or cocktails, with or without alcohol, flavored or not - you decide. NITRO WHIP is handy, flexible and space-saving as well as easy to operate and clean - completely dishwasher safe (except charger holder). NSF-certified and developed for professional kitchens.


  • keep the charger holder screwed on the bottle at all times, it serves as a gas reservoir!
  • fill only with cold drinks with temperatures of up to max. 30 °C
  • maximum filling 1.000 ml
  • content can be stored for up to 5 days
  • nitro system is not compatible with whipped cream not siphon chargers

COLD BREW Monin concentrate

Cold Brew is an originally American drink, known for its refreshing and naturally stimulating effects. It is made by macerating ground coffee in cold water for at least 12 hours. This process means maximum extraction of all the organoleptic and aromatic properties of the coffee.

The uniqueness and strength of the aroma have made this drink an unmissable member of the coffee family in recent years. An authentic blend of Arabica coffee, very lightly sweetened, this is the Monin COLD BREW concentrate. Ideal for the preparation of any Cold Brew.

Nitro chargers 2.4 g

The iSi disposable nitro chargers are designed for use in the iSi NITRO WHIP bottle, one charger is enough to make 1 l of cold brew. Filled with pure nitrogen (N2) intended for food purposes.

Chargers are non-refillable, threadless and made of 100% recyclable steel. They are free of all contaminants before filling and after filling, each chargers is electronically weighed and  marked with the production batch.

Chargers are intended for use in iSi pressure bottles only. Each package is marked with a recommended expiration date. Chargers can be used after this date, but the manufacturer no longer guarantees a 2.4 g gas content. Store in a cool, dry place.


Use only in combination with the iSi NITRO WHIP pressure bottle. Under no circumstances can the chargers be used in any cream whipper or siphon bottle.

Package contents

pressure bottle
nitro nozzle, brown
charger holder, brown
cleaning brush
cold brew concentrate, 250 ml
nitro chargers 2.4 g, 2 pcs

Accessories - Nitro Cold Brew iSi BAR KIT

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