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iSi company has been a family business for 5 generations. Production of the first soda machines goes back to 1867, still under the name "Chirurgische Spritzen-Sodawasser-Apparate und Syphon–Fabrik Carl Pochtler." Today, the iSi Group is constantly reinforcing its three divisions (Culinary, Components and Automotive) through innovation, specialisation and inspiration (iSi). That is why the iSi brand is a concept in its areas of operation and a leader in development and technology.

Did you know that although you may be hearing the name of the Austrian iSi brand for the first time, its products have followed you literally every step of the way for many years? Yes, that is correct — in air transport, gastronomy, healthcare, car industry, households and in a bunch of many other areas.

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View details - GOURMET WHIP 0.25 l

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View details - GOURMET WHIP 0.5 l

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View details - GOURMET WHIP 1.0 l

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View details - Whipper cap

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View details - Funnel & Sieve

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