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Country of origin: Czech republic
DMD: 08/2028
Kayser cream chargers (50 pcs/package) are disposable whipped cream chargers filled with N2O gas and are designed for all compatible whipped cream bottles (Kayser, iSi, Tescoma, Liss, Mosa, Hendi, etc.).

Purchase at a discounted price only for whole cartons
(6 packages * 50 pieces = 300 chargers)

One cream charger Kayser whips up to 0.5 litres of liquid whipping cream or similar product. Every charger is weighed individually, in order to ensure it contains the correct amount of gas. Filled with pure nitrous oxide (N2O) intended for food purposes. 5 year content amount warranty - exact date is printed on each package. Past this date manufacturer does not guarantee initial gas amount but charger remains usable. The cream chargers are made of 100% recyclable steel and are non-refillable. Made in Czech republic.

color blue
gas N2O (E942)
content 7.5 g
quantity 300 pcs


Do not expose to direct sunlight, fire or temperatures exceeding 50 °C. Do not throw away unused charger or do not force open them, an explosion may occur. Misuse endangers health! Keep away from children.

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