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Cookies policy

To ensure you the best experience possible, we use cookies on our website. Cookies are tiny data files storing information in your browser. They provide us information about our users and customers. Do not worry about your privacy, because there is no possibility to identify any particular person or to gather any personal or sensitive data.

Cookies are used for following purposes:

  • easier completing the purchase process
  • storing users login information

You can check more informations about cookies here.

Types of cookies

Cookies on this website may be divided into 2 categories. Temporary(session cookies) and permanent(persistent cookies). Session cookies are stored in temporary memory, after closing browser all the cookies are lost and can not be recovered. Persistent cookies have set expiration time. They are stored in the browser for set period of time or until they are deleted manually.

How to reject/decline cookie usage

By default, most of the nowadays browsers are allowing cookies automatically. But you are free to manage cookies usage and to choose what cookies may be used and are available, all in settings of your browser. To open up a online tool for cookie managment, please click here.